Management System

Our back-end solution provides multifunction controller to assist user management team to manage the restaurant operating workflow with more efficiency and effectiveness.

Features highlight

1.User Access Level Control

Each user group can assign for different level of control

2.Transaction Audit Log

Track on each transaction activity, eg. cancelled item or  discount amount

3.Credit Management

Provide certain credit limit to privilege guest and staff meal by daily or monthly control.

4.Purchase with Purchase

Each item/menu set can have the next purchase item with special price or voucher given

5.Pricing Schedule

Predefined date for new pricing execution

6.Pricing Schedule

Predefined date for new pricing execution

7.Membership Centralized Control

Membership database will store in HQ server.

8.User Activity Monitoring

You are unable to audit back on mistake or fault activity

9.Periodic Discount

Various discount promotion can organize for various occasions.

10.Multi-outlets Sync

Support multiple outlet sales data sync back to HQ server

11.Real-time Reporting

Outlet data consolidated sales reports