About Us

When people are talking about receptive, professional and most reliable ERP Softwares & Business Solutions providers, we are extremely proud that the name DSS Business Solution Sdn Bhd constantly comes into the conversation.

We take pride in helping clients to revolutionize their conventional business into an all-conquering, modern-day corporation assisted by cutting edge ERPS (Enterprise resource planning softwares) and applications which streamline their operation, galvanize their control over their companies, and synchronizes all data at the convenience of the fingertips.

As our client, DSS appreciates your trust and will always strive to do the best for you. Our team sits down with you, listens and understands your needs, allows you to experience for yourself the power of these softwares before deciding on the most suitable solutions. Our expertise allows us to tailor an impeccable scheme for which would almost certainly iron out all the chronic problems that have been a thorn in the flesh for years.

Trust us when we say state-of-the-art, as how we would thrill you with the six crème de la crème of ERP softwares in the current market. Either to select the most apposite software, or to combine and integrate with each other, anyhow we are able to help you manage more outlets, keep track of stock, monitor sales, organize marketing strategy, improve CRM (customer relationship management), and so much more!

Going together with accounting system, warehouse and inventory control, mobile application,  point-of-sales solution, backed up with good hardware and superb tech support, it just couldn’t get any better than this for all types of businesses, particularly in the F&B and retail industries.

There is no longer a need to rely solely on raw manpower or human expertise which is prone to mistakes. You could literally do everything at the convenience of your smart phone. You could shrewdly save time and money with greater accuracy, grinding out more convenience and efficiency for your business to scale greater heights.



Why choose us?

At DSS, we do not push for sales, and never will. Part of what made us so popular was our willingness to delve deep into your business and problems to come out with a solution so fitting that would seriously impress you.

Instantaneous support. We have a group of professionals with a heap ton of experience, paired with the ever-advancing technology we can provide instantaneous, top-notch support. It will feel like we are right next to you within an arm’s reach. Just reach out to us though; phone calls, WhatsApp or even emailing. We will return the favour by reaching back instantaneously to help you on-site, remote-support, call-support or more. We are within an arm’s reach.

How to contact us?

If you have any doubts/suggestions/comments about us, our products or our site, do not hesitate to contact us! We can be contacted through online@dss.com.my or call us at  04-510 1530 / 017-489 9796 / 012-426 7975. We'll get back to you within 24 hours.