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  • Fix errors of the same report, lasting 1 week

It's Easy To Monitor Stock Movement With Smart Inventory. Just Set Up The System & Be In The Know Of Stock Transactions At Any Time. A Report Is At Your Disposal Should You Require It.

- Maximizes Profits From Streamline Inventory
- Improve Cash Flow By Reduce Slow Moving Stocks
- Good Merchandise Decisions To Get More Sales
- Never Run Out Of Stock To Remain Happy Customers
- Build Royalty Customers With Effective Promotion Campaign
- Solutions Ready To Support Multi Stores Growth
- The Inventory Module Is Linked To The Accounts Module To Enable Quick Assessment Of Profitability

* Price Included Smart Cover


•【Easy printing】Direct thermal printing, no toner or ink needed.
•【Fast speed】Up to 4 ips (100mm/s) high speed printing with low noise.
•【Considerable design】Compact design, built-in adapter, more space-saving; intensified coating over TPH, more durable; larger size rubber roller to prevent label sticking.
•【Awesome functions】Auto label detection and error reprint technology.
•【High compatibility】Compatible with major shipping platforms including UPS, DHL, Amazon, ebay, Shopify, Paypal, XPS, Etsy, ShipWorks, shipping easy, shipstation, shipwire, shippo, etc. Support Windows and MAC, and work with  different sizes of labels.

  • Supports dine-in and fast-food ordering, multiple payment types, member rewards program, reports & analytics.
  • Intuitive Experience, Multiple Languages, Menu and Dish Management, Table Management, Printer Management, Payment and Promotions, User Management, Online and Offline Access
  • The price is calculated per hour

The LM-3010E Is A 9.7" LCD 2nd Monitor Bezel-Free Display With Resolution Up To 1024 × 768 For All XT Series & KS-7412 POS Terminals.

  • Slim and Flexible

    Streamlined Design Equips With A Foldable Base; The PS-3415 Provides Users With Unmatched Flexibility To Adjust The Screen To A Height & Angle Depending On The Application.


  • Expandable and Neat

    Designed To Better Manage Peripheral Connectivity By Separating A Full Set Of Ports Into The Top & The Bottom Of The Terminal, The PS-3415 Ensures Neat, Reliable Peripheral Cabling.


Slim & Stylish Look

RT-5015 Has A Smooth Profile, Ultra-Thin Body And Linear Back Cover Surface, With A 15" PCAP Touch Screen & A Full Set Of Ports, Which Are Hidden In A Clean Back Cover. The Neat & Stylish Appearance Of The Screw Cannot Be Found On Its Surface Maintenance.


Fanless Technology

The Fanless Technology Allows The Terminal To Operate Quietly Under Various Harsh Conditions, And Providing A Long Service Life.


Clean Cable Management

Advanced Cable Management Design Delivers A Truly Clutter-Free Station. The Standard Base Can House The Optional Powered USB / USB Extension Module, While The Optional Base Integrates A UPS Backup (RB-5000) For The Event Of A Power Failure.


Faster Installation & Serviceability

The Rear Cover Can Be Easily Removed Without Tools, Thus Allowing Faster Installation & Maintenance.


Save Your Time & Money

The Terminal Can Be Shipped With A Customer Line Display Or A 9.7” / 10” 2nd Customer-Facing LCD Display Attached & Folded, Saving Deployment Time As Well As Shipping Costs.


The TM-4010 Is A 9.7" LCD 2nd Monitor Bezel-Free Display With PCAP Touch, Supporting Up To 1024 × 768 Resolution For All RT Series POS Terminals.

  • Compact and Flexible

    The small footprint and VESA mounting points of the TX-2100 allow easy installation in anywhere you need a Point-of-Service system.


  • Fanless Design

    With fanless architecture, the TX-2100 is suitable for a wide range of environments and applications from hot kitchen area, to salty air of coastal environment, to anywhere where silent operation is required.


  • Expandable and Configurable

    Connect to a series of POS peripherals and options for greater productivity and flexibility to fit in your store environment.


•【Easy printng】Direct thermal printing, no toner or ink needed
•【Fast speed】 Max 220mm/sec
•【Printing Width】72mm, Adjustable By Commands
•【Interface】USB + Serial + Ethernet
•【Paper specification】Thermal receipt paper 80mm


•【Easy printng】Direct thermal printing, no toner or ink needed
•【Fast speed】 Max 220mm/sec
•【Printing Width】72mm , Adjustable By Commands
•【Interface】USB + Serial 
•【Paper specification】Thermal receipt paper 80mm